Signs of Opioid Addiction

Unfortunately, people with OUD are at the highest risk of death in the first four weeks of OUD treatment and in the four weeks after treatment ends if they relapse. During CBT, a mental health professional helps you take a close look at your thoughts and emotions. Through CBT, you can unlearn negative thoughts and behaviors and learn to adopt healthier thinking patterns and habits. Research shows that mental illness may contribute to substance use disorders, and substance use disorders can contribute to the development of mental illness. Seeking medical care as soon as you have signs and symptoms of OUD is essential.

Both inpatient and outpatient treatment programs are available for teens. Fay explained that Naloxone is a medication which can reverse an opioid overdose. We can reassure your loved one that they don’t need to endure opioid withdrawal or recovery on their own. Through participation in our holistic rehab program, they can heal from their addiction in a supportive environment and enjoy access to all of the resources they need to thrive post-treatment.

Learn More About Commonly Misused Drugs

If someone is prescribed opioids, the tips below are some of the ways to stay safe and prevent abuse. Frequent use of opioids can lead to severe constipation, which could potentially result in an obstruction, or blockage, in the intestines. Another medicine, buprenorphine, also relieves opioid cravings but without producing euphoria. Prescribed by many physicians from office settings, this is typically taken in a daily dose placed under the tongue. It also can be delivered as a once-per-month injection or through thin tubes inserted under the skin that last six months.

  • CBT can also help manage other co-occurring mental health conditions a person with OUD may have.
  • The misuse of opioids — legal, illegal, stolen or shared — is the reason 90 people die in the U.S. every day on average, according to the American Society of Anesthesiologists.
  • Increasing the dosage of opioids can be dangerous and lead to overdose.
  • While it may not be the ideal solution for all, it could be for you.

There has been a 485% increase in cocaine overdoses between 2010 and 2021. Opioid overdoses have risen too, leading the Drug Enforcement Administration to announce a public safety alert starting in the 2020s. At this stage of use, cutting back can induce intense withdrawal symptoms.

Preventing Opioid Use Disorder

But having the right treatment team and support network is one way to help take the next step forward in recovery. OUD is defined by opioid use that’s hard to stop or reduce for several reasons. This is at least partially because opioids have a high potential for dependence and addiction. Play an active signs of opioid addiction role in protecting yourself and others from the dangers of opioid addiction. Genetic, psychological and environmental factors also play a role in addiction, which can happen quickly or after many years of opioid use. There are things that can be done if there is concern about someone abusing opioids.


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